Wanting to Reduce Loose Skin on Upper Abdomen
With loose skin localised to the upper abdomen, EndermoLift treatments were given twice a week and progress photos taken along the 9 week journey.  This non-invasive therapy
is very gentle and has remarkable results.... see the results and comments from a happy client... 
Tighten Loose Skin on Abdomen

Fluid Retention in Thighs
Kathy has always been concerned with the huge amount of fluid on her legs - she called them Jelly Legs.  After 20 years of being self-conscious, read what happened after
just one EndermoTherapy treatment. 
Long-term Fluid Retention in Thighs

Pain from Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome & Fibromyalgia
For over 4 years, the conditions that Paula has was causing full body pain and a large amount of fluid buildup.  She was recommended to try EndermoTherapy from a friend,
read here how they helped her situation.
Fibromyalgia Hypermobility Pain

Radiating Lower Back & Glute Pain
Suffering with pain that would wake Lynne through the night, her pain had been an issue for years and she was willing to try anything to relieve it.  Read about how
EndermoTherapy helped Lynnes long-term issue
Relief of Lower Back & Glute Pain

Endurance Athlete Recovery
100+km events are incredibly taxing on the body, recovery is of utmost importance. Read about how EndermoTherapy helped Carlos to recover from these demanding events
much faster.  It assisted in restoring his body to a pre-event state with a fast enough turn-around time to compete again with only one or two week break between events
EndermoTherapy for Recovery

Restricted Ankle Movement due to Surgical Scarring
After going through three surgeries to mend a dislocated ankle and fractured tibia and fibula, Christine has significant scarring. The scarring was tightening up as the healing
process progressed, restricting the amount of movement in Christine's ankle.  Read how EndermoTherapy released the scar tissue tightness and gave ankle mobility back 
Ankle Mobility Restricted by Scarring Post-Surgery

In Need of Back Pain Relief
Stacey had been suffering with a few aches and pains, mainly in her back and wanted to try a different therapy to find relief.  Being a Para-Olympian, Stacey has a significant
amount of stress through her back and one arm due to her training.  Read what Stacey thought about EndermoTherapy after a couple of sessions 
Sportswoman in need of Back Pain Relief

Esther injured her Achilles which meant she couldn't run anymore and it was also affecting her back and causing pain there too.  Her trainer recommended her to try
EndermoTherapy as she believed it could help.  Esther's back pain was relieved within a couple of treatments and the Achilles pain was also diminishing. Esther was able to
slowly build up her running time again...... read what she had to say about her treatments
Achilles Injury in Marathon Runner

Seeking Toned Butt & Thighs
The butt and thighs are very common areas of concern for many woman. Everyone tends to have their own personal hang-ups with their body, Lipomassage can help reduce
these concerns.  Read how my client was not only happy about the more toned look of her butt thighs, but also how relaxing the treatments were, how they helped with her
exercise recovery and the thigh gap that came along as another benefit!
Tighten & Tone the Butt & Thighs

Recommended as part of a Well-being Routine
Having an extensive background in well-being and solid interest in holistic & alternative health, Trudi was keen to try out various treatments with me as didn't have any
experience with EndermoTherapy/Endermologie.
Recommended Well-being Tool

Recovering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome
After fighting a virus, GBS full body paralysis meant a lengthy stay in hospital and a long recovery to regain strength & mobility, all while battling pain and severe cramping. 
Read how EndermoTherapy helped Karen to recover faster
Guillain-Barre Syndrome Survivor

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Putting up with chronic pain in her wrist and hand, Maree was willing to try anything to help her cope while on the waiting list for carpal tunnel surgery.
Read how only two treatments have taken away her pain and discomfort
Carpal Tunnel Pain & Immobility

Fibromyalgia - Chronic Pain Relief
Horrific pain & swelling (due to Teresa's fibromyalgia) kept her from being able to do many things as her pain was just to overwhelming.
Read how EndermoTherapy reduced Teresa's swelling so much that she can now lift her arms up again and feels well and energetic enough to want to get up each morning
Fibromyalgia Sufferer

DOMS - Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness
Rachel likes the feeling of sore muscles, knowing she did a good workout. However, when the soreness means she cannot straighten her arms it's another story - especially with
having a young child.  Read how EndermoTherapy helped restore Rachel's muscles/tendons so she could continue being a busy mum without the restriction
Relief of Muscle Soreness from Training

Post-Accident Muscle Tightness/Restricted ROM & Facial Scar Tissue
After an accident on his mountain bike, Blake had quite restricted range of movement in his neck due to trauma from the impact.  Read how EndermoTherapy restored his
movement, and not only that, was also able to significantly reduce the lumpy scar tissue inside his lip from his surgery
Post-Accident Muscle Release & Scar Tissue Therapy

Severe Tightness in Upper Torso - Chest, Back & Shoulders
Emma came to see me as was suffering from quite severe tightness in her upper body, it was restricting her daily activities and was very uncomfortable. 
Read how EndermoTherapy was able to relieve Emma of her discomfort and restore her posture
Severe Tightness in Chest, Back & Shoulders

Aching Shoulder causing discomfort and uncomfortable sleep
Being a very active woman, Andy found it difficult to get any relief from her aching shoulder.  She had tried other treatment to help reduce her pain when she decided to try
EndermoTherapy.  Read how she found the therapy below
Aching Shoulder - Overuse

Suffering in pain after a life-saving surgery
Following a vital surgery, Margot found herself with quite debilitating pain down one leg, and due to the compensation required her lower back began to be very painful also. 
After approximately 8 months of pain and discomfort Margot tried EndermoTherapy........ read below about her remarkable results
Long-term Leg & Lower Back Pain Post-surgery

Really unhappy with her arms for most of her Life
Having been super self-conscious about her arms for most of her life, my client was having thoughts about surgery and was willing to try anything that may give her some
confidence to wear short sleeves.  Read and SEE about what Endermologie did for her.....
Loose Skin on Rear of Arms

Restricted Ankle Mobility Due to Scarring
After having a major ankle break, Jess had got on with life assuming that she just had to live with the restriction in her ankle mobility due to her scarring.  Eight years later she tried
EndermoTherapy to release the scar tissue, her results were amazing, read what she thought about the treatments.......
Ankle Mobility Restriction from Scarring

Pain, Inflammation and Poor Lymphatic Drainage
After suffering with a lot of pain and inflammation, plus poor lymphatic drainage for so long, Carol was not optimistic about things improving in the future. Read here how
EndermoTherapy treatments have helped her to recover from these ailments.....
Chronic Pain & Inflammation

Unhappy with Side Profile
With an upcoming wedding, my client was very keen to look her best, and has always been unhappy with her side profile. See the difference she had in only 6 sessions with the
EndermoLift treatment, focusing in her area of concern only
Side Profile Sculpting Jawline 

Aches & Pains and Exposed to the Elements
Being a full-time gardener, Heather had aches and pains that would come and go often, plus would have regular exposure to the elements on a daily basis. 
Read about her experiences with EndermoTherapy for the body and EndermoLift for the face.....
Body Aches Tired Skin

Crushed Index & Painful Pinky
Due to injuries suffered months ago, Anthony had limited movement in his index finger (after being crushed) and pain in his 'pinky' finger on the other hand which collectively
limited some of his abilities. Find out about the amazing results he had with EndermoTherapy.....
Finger Pain with Limited Range-of-Movement

Spinal Fusion Pins+Needles, plus Back & Hip Pain
After having a spinal fusion, Nic had ongoing pins and needles in her foot. This, along with Back and Hip pain meant several visits a week to the physio, however the relief
was very little.  She tried EndermoTherapy to see if it could make any difference. Read here how quickly she had relief from these symptoms.....
Pins & Needles, Back & Hip Pain

Non Gym-goer in training for Half-Marathon
With not being too keen on the gym scene, my client was hesitant to try regular personal training. However, she found that training outdoors first thing in the morning was quite
beneficial and fit into her weekly schedule quite easily.  Even with her physical limitations and ongoing aches and pains, read how much the training sessions set her up for her
first half-marathon.....
Personal Training in the Outdoors

Considering Tummy Tuck
A flyer in the mail sparked Carolin's interest in tightening and reshaping her mid-section. Since having 2 C-sections, the last being 6 years ago, Carolin has been very unhappy
with her tummy and was starting to think about surgery being the only way to feel comfortable again.  Read here how she found the treatments and see her progress pics.....
Post-Cesarean Tummy

Zoe came to me when she found out that my treatments could help change the appearance of cellulite and wanted to target the subborn fat on her butt and thighs. She could feel
the difference and was very happy with the changes she was seeing, if it was possible she would continue treatments. See more progress pics here......
Smooth Thighs + Tighten & Lift Butt

With pain from the lateral hips to the medial knee, Suellen wasn't very comfortable, especially because the pain was also affecting her lower back.  After being given a voucher to
have an EndermoLift facial, Suellen learned about how the same machine could help her with her pain. Read here how her two treatments gave her relief......
Muscle Pain in Thighs & Lower Back