Chronic Pain & Inflammation

I was struggling and suffering with pain, inflammation and very poor lymphatic drainage, including pitting oedema in my lower legs for about 1.5 years.  I tried EndermoTherapy and found it to be very beneficial for me.  The treatments have encouraged lymphatic drainage, markedly decreased joint, back and neck pain and alleviated constant muscle spasm from old injuries.

My personal result has been very good and has made me fitter, stronger ad healthier, also more optimistic about getting older as I thought I was going to slowly become more incapacitated.

Another interesting result is that my scar lines from cesarean section and a rather brutal appendectomy have woken up and are not numb anymore.  I feel the blood supply to these areas have improved dramatically.

Also, Leanne is an excellent practitioner, very knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology which has made my recovery even more pronounced.

Carol Eivers
20 May 2019