Muscles, Joints, Connective Tissues, Scar tissue, Swelling, Aches & Pains, Sport Recovery and more......
Endermologie┬«  was originally developed in France by Loius-Paul Guitay (LPG), it was used to treat burns restoring damaged tissue. The therapy is now used to treat tissue for numerous reasons. EndermoTherapyTM uses state of the art negative pressure, hand-held, motorized treatment heads with specially designed rollers and flaps. This gently lifts and stretches fascia while massaging the muscles, mobilising retained fluid, stimulating the venous & lymphatic systems and helping the body to relieve aches and pains. 

The Cellu M6 significantly enhances blood, venous and lymphatic circulation, contributing to the reduction, alleviation or removal of conditions including:
fibrosis, scleroderma, inflammation, fibromyalgia, neurological conditions affecting muscle tone, including stroke patients, arthritic and rheumatologic condition, chronic fatigue syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, oedema (swelling), fluid retention, scarring from burns, grafts, surgeries etc; stiffness, tired legs or muscular tension, venous insufficiency.

Treatment for connective tissue, targets scars, swelling, and lymphatic and venous circulatory problems. Treatments can also target stiff joints, tendons, and ligaments, plus post-activity inflammation or aching strained muscles.  Post-surgery or injury stiffness or immobility can also be improved.

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Treatments are customised for each client, individual pricing will apply if not a full body (determined by length of appointment required)

Full Body Treatments
from $99*  

Localized Treatments 
from $39 
Example treatment areas:
Leg, arm, wrist, neck, abdomen, finger etc. 
(cost is less or more dependent on time required)

SAVE! - Package deals available
*$594 for 6 full body concession
(or $112 single treatment)

EndermoTherapy on Overworked and Painful Forearms

EndermoTherapy treating Damaged Tissue
EndermoTherapy for Tight & Painful Upper Back