Endurance Athlete Recovery

Carlos & I with all of his Medals - and the machine that helped him recover from each event

2018- 2019 I set myself a grueling challenge to run 12 of NZ’s 100+ km ultra-marathons. Each race varies in terrain as well as varying elevation for each. To undertake this type of crazy challenge I also realized that it takes a huge toll on my body physically and mentally. Therefore, I had to seek out ways to help with my recovery, due to the rest between races in some instances are as little as a week.

Fortunately, my coach was approached to see if he knew of anyone whom would like to try the EndermoTherapy Treatment. He asked if I would give it a go and the rest is history.

This treatment has been a god sent for my recovery and I have been using it since my third race. I have seen huge results with my recovery time. Noticeable indications of the great results are my muscles are relaxed and supple. The tightness and pain from the race has subsided substantially and mobility is almost back to normal immediately after every treatment. Furthermore, other athletes and colleagues are wondering how I have managed to recover so well after races. To date I have completed eight races of the 12 and it would not have been possible without having EndermoTherapy after my races.  

I recommend EndermoTherapy to those who endure high intensity workouts and gruelling endurance events. You finish your treatment knowing that you are recovering quicker and your mobility is free of pain immediately.

I have been fortunate to have the greatest therapist treating my aches and pains but also knowing that she understands what punishment my body has endured. Leanne is the go to queen who will smash those cemented muscles, then roll and smooth them back down for you.

Carlos Kumeroa - Endurance Athlete
22 November 2018

Events that Carlos Competed in:
1. Alps2Ocean (7 day stage Challenge)
2. Northburn Station 100 miler
3. Old Forest Hanmer 100 miler
4. Great Naseby Water-race 100 miler
5. Sri Chinmoy 24 Hour Track Race (138km)
6. Taupo Ultra 100km
7. Taranaki Steelformers Around the Mountain 100 miler
8. Krayzie Kapers 100 miler
9. James High Country 100km
10. Ultra Easy 100km Sky Run
11. Tarawera Ultra 100 miler