Side Profile – Sculpting of the Chin/Jaw

Double Chin Concerns
Before I tried endermotherapy with Leanne I was concerned about my double chin. This has been a concern for many years to the point I had liposuction on it. But unfortunately I was left with lots of fat left. I was contemplating going under the knife again but I came across Leanne at my local gym and made and appointment.
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Only 3 weeks to achieve this outcome

I was a little nervous as I've never had this treatment before but my worries quickly vanished.  It's actually very relaxing, so much so that I often drifted off  (fall asleep) during treatments . I've got my wedding coming up so decided to stick with it and I'm so glad I did, the results speak for themselves. You can actually tell where my chin starts and neck begins now, I'm so happy with my results and highly recommend.  Leanne has also helped me with my gut health, steering me in the right direction.

13 June 2019