Finger Pain with Limited Range of Movement

The main issue for me was my left index finger, it had lost the ability to bend due to a crush injury last October.  Also my right little finger was producing some pain and stiffness from another previous injury.  These had been ongoing for 3-6 months.

Leanne's treatment was amazing, I was able feel the results and change in my fingers almost immediately.  I have now had 3 treatments on both fingers and with 99% movement back in both fingers and very little stiffness or tightness.  Her professionalism and knowledge of Endermotherapy plus how to apply treatment to different areas of the body was extensive, whilst explaining exactly what the benefits are.  I was really impressed with the outcome and the whole service.

I also had a full body treatment which was my first session, in which Leanne targeted by lower back, shoulders and neck.  Again I was amazed at how good my back felt and how much tension was released from my neck and shoulders.

28th May 2019