Pins & Needles from Spinal Fusion, plus Back & Hip Pain

I have been attending endermo therapy treatments with Leanne for 18 months on and off as I have needed, for treatment of back and hip pain and pins and needles in my foot related to a spinal fusion.  Ongoing physio up to 3 x per week hadn’t been relieving my symptoms and I was desperate to try something new.  It has been amazing.  As early as the day after my endo session I wouldn’t have any pins and needles and my pain would be much relieved.  The results would last for a significant amount of time and I would only need treatments as new injuries required. 

Leanne also helped with my recent pre and post half marathon recovery and considering I am a 49 year old mum of three kids who had an L5 / S1 spinal fusion in 2014 with limited fitness or training, my recovery was incredible.

Thanks Leanne. I will miss you and your treatments. I wish you every success in the Bay of Plenty.  It’s not too far for me to travel for fixing!!

7 June 2019