Muscle Soreness from training (DOMS)

After a few weeks off over the Christmas period, I found my first training session extremely tough on my body.  The tightness of sore muscles the day after a good training session can be a rewarding reminder of your hard work. However, as a mum and having to run around and lift a toddler throughout the day it can get in the way of day-to-day life.

I was lucky enough to be complaining about my really sore biceps to Leanne who said for me to come in for an EndermoTherapy treatment with her.  The instant relief in the muscle tension was AMAZING and the treatment felt so good and relaxing.  I could still feel the muscles had worked, but went from struggling to straighten my arms (elbows feeling like tight hinges), to gaining back full range-of-movement again pain-free.
Rachel Burt - Active Mum and Personal Trainer

24 January 2019