Personal Training in the Outdoors

I gave Leanne the unenviable task of working with a client who hated exercise and gyms, was very unfit and had a multitude of old and recent injuries. This was in the hope she could help me get fit enough to get through a half marathon and not be incapacitated permanently afterwards. Because I already liked Leanne, I knew I was more likely to give anything a go and less likely to cancel!  The programme designed was highly specific and she monitored and moderated the programme depending on my injuries on the day.   Initially strength based rather than fitness focused she gave me the confidence to push myself and I actually had fun. 

I have just completed my first (and probably only) half marathon (walking) aged 49 carrying a few injuries in 3.12hrs. I absolutely wouldn’t have finished without Leanne’s encouragement.  I feel a lot stronger and fitter and that’s absolutely due to the programme she designed me.  Thanks Leanne you are the only person who has ever inspired me to actually stick to a fitness regime.  Your new clients in the Bay of Plenty will be lucky to have you as a P.T.

7 June 2019